Lisa Vanderpump Defends Brandi Glanville: ‘I Take My Hat Off To Her’

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Lisa Vanderpump offers another preview of her new series, Vanderpump Rules when Brandi Glanville must come face-to-face with she-who-bopped-Eddie-Cibrian, Sheana Marie.

Marie, by the way, has a very sad profile on Actress/Singer/Server.

Wah wahh.

Vanderpump knew she was dealing with a handful when Marie asked to talk to Glanville.

“Sheana works at both Sur and Villa Blanca,” Vanderpump explained during a conference call yesterday.  “We had this situation where Brandi would often be eating at Villa Blanca or Sur, and Sheana would be there.”

Catch-up: Last season, Glanville spotted Marie serving dinner a private bash at Sur, and called her out for having an affair with Cibrian.

“I was put in a position (which I’ve been in many times) where I had to say ‘Sheana, I don’t want you working today’ or ‘Sheana, I need you to do this section over there,’ because it was very uncomfortable for Brandi. 

“Some people have said to me ‘Well, why didn’t you fire Sheana?’  You’ll see this in the first episode.

“Brandi never asked me to fire her, and there is so much about her that people don’t know, and I wish that you saw more of Brandi as a mother; She’s not allowed to use her children in the show, which is a shame, because that’s another side of her personality we don’t see.  She’s a lovely mother and I’ve spent a lot of time wit her and her boys, as has my husband.

Well, we wonder, has Glanville ever asked you to can the actress/singer/server?

“She wouldn’t ask me to do that,” Vanderpump said.  “And even if she did ask me to do that, it would put me in a ridiculous situation, because Sheana had worked for me for 3 1/2 years.  I wasn’t privy to any of this until Brandi, whom I wasn’t close to last season [pointed her out].

“On what grounds would I fire Sheana?  For having an affair three years ago?  That’s really not my business.  But it does come to fruition because it was easier if Sheana was going to continue to work there, and Brandi was obviously was going to continue to be my friend and come into the restaurant.  It was an impossibly awkward situation.

“I remember just being there whilst they talked, and thought it was best if I didn’t get too involved in it. and they need to sit down and work things out themselves.  I remember thinking, “Oh my god, I don’t know if I would have the strength as the wife to sit down there and talk to somebody who had been having an affair with my husband.  I commend her for that.

“There are many things that nobody’s aware Brandi’s done.  She went to therapy with LeAnn [Rimes] and Eddie after he left her.  She went with them because it was in the best interest of her children.  She wanted to make sure they worked things out going forward, that they were all on the same page. I couldn’t have done that.  I take my hat off to her.

The cast in both shows [RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules]are so honest emotionally in terms of ‘This is what’s going on in my life.  I’ve opened the doors to the cameras.'”

In regards to last night’s episode, how much did you want to slap Faye Resnick across the face?  And have I been on my pain meds too long, or is Ken Todd a handsome fellow?  That new hip put a spring in your step, old boy!