Liquid Lunch Video Podcast – Ep. 10

“Suze Orman: Blonde Lesbian Robot”

The Emmys were a little while back, but Lisa and Wayne are still enjoying the pictures of all the stars who won awards and those who just looked good. Kathy Griffin, who we saw in an elevator, was mighty victorious as was 30 Rock.

In the wake of the financial crisis, Suze Orman wants you to take your cash, store it in a Sucrets tin, put that in a box that is new but made to look old that you bought at Ross and bury it in the back yard.

Michael Lohan is hating on Samantha Ronson, implying that the DJ is mind-controlling his daughter Lindsay Lohan. He’s also crazy.

Clay Aiken shocks the nation with the news of his “undercover” homosexuality. Poor Claymates are going to be so disillusioned.

Britney Spears has a new single “Womanizer” coming out from her new album Circus. This shady promo picture of her has the pop star’s head on Tyra Banks’ body. Yay for Tyra! She always wanted to be a pop star. Shake ya body body!

Also, thanks Lady GaGa for encouraging our hosts to “Just Dance!”

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