Liquid Lunch Podcast Episode 11

Lisa and Wayne spare no expense on this high production value Liquid Lunch holiday party podcast! Man, I need to learn not to lie. We do manage to wrangle up one guest to partake in the drunken celebrity dirt dishing but then again he had no choice. First off Wayne explains his Martini themed presents and seeing Princess Leigh.

Then we catch up with celebrity land: Natasha Lyonne molests dogs and scares the c-word (not what you are thinking of) out of Lisa, Courtney Love flashes woman goodies and tries to save everyone, Paris Hilton victim of Hoax? and all you punks being “People of the Year.” And later Wayne forces Lisa and Jon to play a really fun (at least he thinks so) holiday themed celebrity trivia game!

Hollywood Hoaxsters and Ho’s! [Liquid Lunch Podcast ]