Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 31 – “Let It Be A Mutual Insertion”

Lisa’s stalking has shifted in focus from Amy Winehouse to “Flight of the Conchords,” who introduced this episode of Liquid Lunch Podcast with some “Business Time.” Wayne talks about his latest auditions for “Del Taco” and “Febreeze.” Break a leg, Wayne! More jail talk, with Lane Garrison from “Prison Break” and Scott Stapp from “Creed” AKA “Pearl Jam II: Electric Boogaloo” in trouble with the law. “Grey’s Anatomy” SPOILER ALERT! Don’t listen, if you’re not caught up on your TiVo! Should Isaiah stay or should he go? Who knows? Pam Anderson’s exes either love or hate her. Donald Trump tries to play like he broke up with NBC first.

Ep. 31 – “Let It Be A Mutual Insertion” [Liquid Lunch Podcast]

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