Liquid Lunch Podcast Ep. 23 – “Patti LuPone Has Down Syndrome.”

Art Brut sings to Lisa Timmons and Sarah McChesney about “Moving to LA” as this episode of LLP kicks off sans Wayne Ford, who is off in NYC covering the GLAAD Media Awards for ASL. There’s a lot of nonsensical rambling, which includes some half-assed movie reviews of “300” and “The Host” in lieu of this week’s episode of Movieheads. But there’s also some gossip lurking in there somewhere, with the results of Anna Nicole Smith’s autopsy to be discussed, as well as Lindsay Lohan and James Blunt…what? The tiny Weilands are out of control and breaking shit and Sarah discusses the tiny-ness off Jude Law and other miniscule Hollywood starlets.

Oh blah dee, oh blah dah…

Ep. 23 – “Patti LuPone Has Down Syndrome.” [Liquid Lunch Podcast]