Liquid Lunch Is Back In Effect

What’s that funky smell, you ask? Well, it’s probably the leftovers from the last Liquid Lunch you heard, stinking up your fridge with its stale, moldy gossip. Wayne and Lisa sheepishly admit that they got so caught up in enjoying the holiday season, they took an extended hiatus from their weekly gossipfest (but not the drinking, so calm down) that was a little longer than expected. However, they have returned with a new podcast, in two parts and with two special guests.

But first things first–there are gifts to be won. Here at Liquid Lunch, you can win yourself a snazzy little gift bag and all you have to do to enter is be Wayne and Lisa’s friend–on MySpace, that is. Or, if you’re not on MySpace (psycho), you can shoot them an e-mail.

So, have a listen as Lisa and Wayne entertain fellow blogger, Megan Lynn (of Overeducated and Underemployed as well as Defamer) and homeless man, Wade Solomon.

Liquid Lunch Podcast Episode 12: Part One and Part Two [Liquid Lunch Podcast]