Liquid Lunch Ep. 43 – “It Takes a Village People”

In honor of Amy Winehouse’s is-she-isn’t-she stint in rehab, our liquid lunchers start off the podcast with a remixed version of “Rehab.” They are joined by Recapist recapper, Keegan Hornbeck, who helps Wayne and Lisa do what they do best–namely trash-talking about the stars. “The Hills” premiere saw some tension on the red carpet, which Wayne witnessed first hand. They found Lindsay in Utah! Britney’s a mess, as always. Wayne enjoyed a gaytastic encounter with Hillary Clinton in Boy’s Town, and Lisa had some celebrity sightings in West Hollywood and some drinks. Pregnancy! Jail! Rehab! It’s a veritable smorgasbord of celebrity nonsense!

Ep. 43 – “It Takes a Village People” [Liquid Lunch Podcast]

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