Liquid Lunch Ep. 42 – “Do You Remember the Latin Explosion?”

“Nighttiming” is what Lisa and Wayne do best, according to Jason Schwartzman. Nicole Richie is going to jail and trying not to look like an ass like Paris Hilton did. Danny Bonaduce brought her some gifts for her little jail-baby cause he cares. Paris Hilton is starring in a cool horror musical and we’re all still waiting for the half-way home to build itself. Usher decided to go ahead and get married. Eddie Murphy is finally admitting that he will assume baby-daddy duties. Matt Damon is loaded. Lisa reminisces about the “Latin Explosion” and is obsessed with “Flipping Out.” Where’s Lindsay? We miss her.

Ep. 42 – “Do You Remember the Latin Explosion?” [Liquid Lunch Podcast]

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