Liquid Lunch Ep 41 – “The Trifecta of Misbehaving Starlets”

What would a Liquid Lunch podcast be without at least a mention of the goings-on of our favorite trifecta of misbehaving Hollywood ladies? Lindsay Lohan has been the star of her own Die Hard movie it seems, stealing cars and leading crazy car chases throughout the city. Not a single passerby’s foot is safe from her ankle-bracelet-wearing wrath. Paris Hilton’s being cut out of her grandfather’s inheritance for being a naughty girl. Now, it looks like her funds for building a half-way house might be given away to charity. It’s so unfair. Britney’s intent on losing her clothing and her mind in public. She’s not rubbing her “chicken fingers” on expensive dresses and losing her sh*t at video shoots. Also, there’s a naked German prince.

Ep 41 – “The Trifecta of Misbehaving Starlets” Liquid Lunch Podcast

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