Liquid Lunch Ep. 27 – “Posing Nude for Cancer”

Wayne and Lisa let Natalie Furtado and Timbaland get things started. Our two favorite Liquid Lunch lushes actually learn what bottle service is, courtesy of the L.A. Times Image Section. Cause learning is fun…when it involves drinking, that is.

Gossip! Intrigue! The Donald eliminates his latest “Apprentice” contestant, Kristine Lefebvre, with a bang, and she is taking this opportunity to support fellow cancer survivors by showing her stuff in Playboy. Trouble is brewing in Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s marriage, JLO will make make $2 million in 40 minutes, which is a lot of money, but “Spider-Man 3″ still cost more.

And don’t bother spending $13.95, because Wayne plans on telling you “The Secret.” Shh…it’s a secret!

Ep. 27 – “Posing Nude for Cancer” [Liquid Lunch Podcast]

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