Liquid Dress Is Awesome, Totally Impractical

Big up to Styleite for posting this amazing video of ‘the liquid dress,’ which is basically a garment (or really more like an art installation) comprised of lots of plastic tubing with neon liquid pushed through it, not unlike the video for Robyn’s latest single “Indestructible.” But in her video, it’s proof that in a moment of passion, undoing all that tubing is just a bitch.

The creator, Charlie Bucket (Willy Wonka anybody?), has been working on the dress for more than two years. Amazing, right? I just would have broken highlighters over myself and walked with a black light. It also makes me worry that Charlie Bucket is actually a superb serial killer like Dexter.

Check out the video of the dress in ‘motion’ and Robyn’s video that is similar…

Fluid Dress from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.

Robyn ‘Indestructible’ Official Video

Robyn | Myspace Music Videos