Justin Bieber Concert In Australia Shut Down Due To Dangerous Crowd

April 26th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Justin Bieber does the opposite of Russell Brand’s advice and hit up the Taronga Zoo in Sydney with his friends on Sunday to see the animals. The teen heartthrob was there to make his Australian debut with a free concert on a morning show, but almost 4,000 people gathered by 3am and the police shut it down after the teen’s rumored early arrival meant a rush to the stage, minor injuries, hyperventilation and fainting. He did manage to sing one song before fans had to leave.

He really oscillates between looking like a 16 year old and prepubescent to me. Like when he’s chilling on the fence by himself he looks like an album cover, but mouth wide open and waving he looks like a young claymation figure. The weird back and forth in age doesn’t leave me in Tina Fey confusion though. Even when he looks his oldest, he’s still too much of a baby, baby, baby for this almost adult.

By Madison Ventura

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