Linsday Lohan Wants to Bring Sexy Back to Rehab

August 22nd, 2007 // 12 Comments


Lindsay Lohan has planned a photo shoot with OK! magazine and the pictures have been taken of her inside the Cirque Lodge detox treatment facility in Sundance, Utah. Using various props to illustrate that she is sticking to the program, the starlet is essentially using her sobriety as an accessory in the photos, according to the New York Daily News:

In one perfectly posed shot, a demure Lohan, her hair pulled tightly back, is reading “Alcoholics Anonymous,” AA’s 164-page “Big Book,” which mixes personal stories of redemption with a description of how the program works.

OK, so even though they make it sound like Lindsay is a part of this nonsense, this all sounds very sketchy. You’re allowed to have photo shoots in rehab? Or I guess that maybe they mean that Lindsay coordinated this somehow so that she looks like she’s doing what she’s supposed to. In any case, OK’s Sarah Ivens said that Lindsay’s really trying to make it work this time.

“She really is taking it seriously,” OK! Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ivens said. “She’s replacing L.A. and smoking with yoga and reading.”

And, Ivens said, “she hasn’t looked this good in years.”

In years? Damn, that’s a pretty well-aimed backhanded compliment, since she’s talking about a girl whose barely twenty-one years old. Sarah must be taking notes from my Aunt Gina.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. nastybugger

    well, she HASN’T looked good in years. the anorexia/coke use, then just the coking/drinking/staying out all night…she looked emaciated and worn, then just WORN.

    and she’s not replacing smoking with anything. There was a pic of her just the other day with a cig.

    whatever…I won’t believe she’s taking it seriously until she’s been sober a good six months or more.

  2. skinny fat

    This brat’s been in 3 rehabs in less than a year and they let her do a photo shoot for OK ragazine? WTF?????

  3. Zil

    I’m sorry, I thought the entire plan was to become clean and sober…NOT to utilize this as a “gee I’m really trying to get clean so please love me again” photo op. Shame on the facility for allowing this to happen without much thought to those in the joint who are really serious about their lives. Although, now that I think about it, maybe this is a way for this place to become the new Promises…cause we ALL know how successful they have been of late.

  4. Woohoo

    i can’t wait till the holidays, when this all starts over.. Coming home from a holiday party, drunk on eggnog, runs over a santa on the corner, only for it to be discovered she has a stocking full of crack. Then she will rehab it for new years eve, just like her b-day. Then it will all start again in time for easter.

  5. green cardigan

    I thought that rehab unit was run by Mormons, and they were hardcore. Tanning? Photos shoots???? For F:ck Sake.

    Mormons = Morons

  6. pm

    Instead of a picture of her reading the book, she should look at the cover and focus on the word ANONYMOUS!
    What a twit. I can’t believe that a rehab facility would allow this.

  7. Lily

    Why call all Mormons morons because of one rehab facility? REALLY stupid comment.

  8. Lily said:
    Why call all Mormons morons because of one rehab facility? REALLY stupid comment.


    Not remotely stupid. Mormon does in fact equal MORON. It’s as respectable a religion as Scientology.

  9. Er, um…If you are using rehab as a prop, are you really taking it seriously?

    On a happy note, i see a little add off to the left for a new Christian Bale movie!!!!! GIDDY!!! TOTAL BALEHEAD!!!

  10. hazel

    Yeah i’m wondering what kind of facility lets patients have PHOTOSHOOTS while they are there. This is not a rehab, this is another joke. Any rehab that sounds like a luxury hotel is a joke. She’s not going to stay sober. She needs to hit rock bottom, and let me tell you, all she’ landing on right now are egyptian cotton sheets.

  11. MardiGras

    Let’s see what happens when she gets out of her latest pseudo-rehab and resumes hanging with her drinking, drugging friends (and mother)and starts hitting all the clubs again. The only way she can clean up her act is if she’s ready to completely change the way she lives her life.

    Do we really think that’s going to happen?

  12. nymphetomine

    Will people quit trying to save her & let the bitch die already?? She’s such a useless whore, nobody would miss her.

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