Linsday Lohan Saddened by Heath’s Passing

January 22nd, 2008 // 8 Comments

Lindsay Lohan, who was rumored to be briefly romantically-involved with the late Heath Ledger, was spotted leaving the Le Pain Quotidien cafe in West Hollywood, looking very distraught at the news of his sudden death earlier today.

Reports had surfaced in early December, that the two had been meeting up at the Beatrice Inn in New York over the Thanksgiving break while she was in the midst of breaking up with her ex, Riley Giles.

Even if they weren’t hooking up, this is just so sad. I don’t blame her for crying.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By Lisa Timmons
  1. cris

    ugh, this disgusts me. who cares about blohan…she’s nothing but a dick fling for guys. i feel sad for michelle williams and his daughter and maybe even naomi watts who he dated for over 2 years.

    i will shed no tears for lohan’s one night stand with the poor guy.

  2. Jekie

    So sad…to see Heath Ledger’s last photos taken yesterday in New York go to

  3. Anonymous

    Who HASN’T Blohan had a one-night stand with?!?!?

  4. Janepitt

    Only insignificant people like Lohan will try to get publicity from any source. I agree with anonymous above, who hasn’t that whore been intimate with. Casual sex is not intimacy.

  5. Andy

    Whore!She has had like 5,000,000 men since that one night with the guy. Let’s think about people who REALLY knew him and not think about whores who want attention. Next thing Paris will say she talked to him once ans start wearing black. Please. Lindsey fucks so many men she goes into mourning any time anyone male of any species dies.



  7. Zekers

    Oh my! gerard? Is that you writing something that I can decipher???

  8. joan durtz

    She is lucky it isn’t Heath crying over her stupid immature ass.

    Think she will learn anything from this, no. She will be at the club tonight pouring one out for the homie.

    She’s a lame ass.

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