Lindsey Lohan: Celebrity Sighting No. 7

May 28th, 2004 // 114 Comments

I saw Lindsey Lohan at Barney’s on Wilshire. I have two things to say. They’re not real, and I pity the poor magazine airbrushers (they’ve got a lot of work to do).

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Stephanie

    I have 2 things to say also..
    1.) They are real..just because you probably have no boobs doesn’t give you the right to rag on Lindsey
    2.) Get over it..even if they weren’t real its wouldn’t be any of your buisness anyway!

  2. Joe Dellar

    How can you say that, everything isnt about appearance, its whats inside and thatswhat i would go for, in a girl like that, i would call that jelousy!

  3. ?

    I dont know this bird but she seems really cool person im not an obessed fan or nothing but her personailty seems cool

  4. Ryan

    OK i’m really sorry for this chick who put this up. Lindsay is hot wiether her boobs are real or not and at the end of the day she still gets to be her & u still have to be u & its none of your business

  5. Sarah

    WEll..I agree with the other comments..She’s 17 and cant get plastic surgery for her boobs anyway and if u didnt know its called “producing” A womenly body..for pete sakes shes gonna be 18 and its natural that she has those things…I too call it jealousy and I think u need to move on without this issue of her “fake boobs”..Not to be mean or watever its just ridiculous on how people have to hate or judge people by how they look…Says alot of the bad things about the person making this issue a public advice Just keep it to your self….next time..

  6. hugh m

    i dont know why somebody would go after lindsey lohan like that. i am madley in love with her after seeing freakey friday

  7. milena


  8. becky

    You are all wrong. Her breasts are definitely fake. I, myself, have fake breasts and I know the difference in the way fake and natural breasts look. Just because someone says her breasts are fake doesn’t mean they are saying anything bad about her, she is hot, fake breasts or not. And yes, with her parents permission, she can have plastic surgery.

  9. Jeff

    Oh just because you got fake breasts instantly makes you an expert on what real and fake breasts on any woman look like? Oh please.

  10. becky

    Evidently you are not very experienced when it comes to breasts. One day, if you are lucky enough, you’ll see what I am talking about.

  11. Jennie

    It dosen’t matter if she’s 17 or 71. It’s not anyone’s place to get in her buisness. If she has plastis surgery big deal. I mean look at Carmen Electra and Pamala Anderson. They had plastic surgery done and I didn’t see anyone flip out over them getting surgery. I mean get real. Get a life and stop obsessing over someone elses ife.

  12. Rachel


  13. becky

    I don’t think anyone really cares that she had breast implants, but why does she deny it? Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra never have, that is the difference.

  14. stephen

    look the boobs are real and you you can find some
    other celb to rag go your pathetic. linsey lohan is a abig star and keeps i real like all the celbs should.

  15. haley

    To Stephen….you really should learn to spell before you post comments and they are not real. You are an idiot if you think so.

  16. erin

    lindsey lohan is a slut and her boobs are fake because in an interview she said she purchased them this year.

  17. n/a

    I work a NBC Studios, met with Lindsey prior to an appearance and she did note that yes, she did have plastic surgery… and yes, on her breasts. Sorry if I ruined someone’s night.

  18. jess

    ok lindsey lohan is a freakin whore and her boobs are fake! Lets just get this straight and quit arguing cuz it’s stupid to obsesse over something like this.

  19. ana

    i really love lindsey lohan she rocks!!!!!!!.

  20. mr. sobe

    all i have 2 say is i’ve been at the same pool as her 4 2days now and this girl has it going on. if you have 2 talk neck about a chick who’s 10 times hotter than you will ever be, well then your just a roach. get a life, shes a hotty and let her and wilmer be

  21. jenny

    if u all think lindsey is perfect & her boobs are real, then y r yooh on this web pape!?!??!?! ithink their fake & i no longer like her!!!

  22. Serena

    I think that most of you are forgeting the real reasons for disliking Lindsey……whether her breasts are real or not (coming from a woman…no, they’re not) shouldn’t matter, what matters is what she’s displaying to young girls:a strong sense of self and focus based on your looks and body appearance and a dependency on men’s approval…that really needs to be changed….poor girl, I doubt she has much of an idea who she is…

  23. Serena

    Oh! and about the “Carmen and Pamela did it” excuse… they were well established sex ideals for men NOT role models for pre-teen girls…

  24. i think that either way linsey lohan im obsessed wit her because 1 shes pretty 2 shes talented and 3 ppl think theres something wrong wit her breasts big deal if she wanted it done its ok i would do the same im 15 and ever sense i saw linsey lohan i went crazy she likes everything i like i have the same hair color and eyez as her. I love her because shes my idol and i dont care what ppl say they can go f*** themselfs linsey lohan if your going on this site 1 day i really would like to meet you and hug you… i love you linsey lohan remember im your #1 fan holla 1.

  25. I have seen every movie Lindsey has been in and she’s been flat as a rock, so over the year her breasts did not grow 2 or more sizes, sorry Lindesy, but there not real

  26. Don’t get me wrong, Lindsay Lohan is a good actress, but her boobs look fake. There is also nothing wrong with plastic surgerey, as long as you are going to better yourself. Even if Lindsay Lohan’s boobs are real, I would believe it. They just look a little perky, but she is a teenager, and still developing.

    Thank You!!

  27. Serena

    Stephanie, why the sudden change of heart? and the different way of spelling ‘Lindsey’?

  28. Evel Kneviel

    lindsey all i can say is , ” i wish i was
    wilmer”, but then you would be fred flintstone,anyway nice rack chick i love it including the freckles ,they are to
    dr, Evel Kneviel

  29. sung ho

    ( . )Y( . )

  30. Brianna

    Sorry, but they’re definitely fake. She said it herself-more than once! I wish she had enough confidence to believe that she could make it as an actress without a boob job, but apparently her self esteem is so low that she had to run out and by some silicone to make herself feel better. She was already pretty, but she ruined herself. That’s pathetic.

  31. Andrew

    I think that any1 in here thats ragging on lindsey is just a freaking idiot and theyre just some jealous chicks. I mean seriously lindsey is a freakin awesome actor and i think shes a really cool person. So the rest of you need to gowaste your time talking about pamela or somthing and leave linsey alone. O yeah if lindsey sees this id really like to just talk or get some way of contacting you, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  32. Andrew

    o and id also have to agree with ryan sorry lindsey that you gotta put up with all this crap.

  33. riley

    i don’t think lindsey’s boobs are fake, but if u think they are that is your opinion. we do have an a right to our own opinion. The only person who really knows if Lindsey did get a boob job is yourself and those closes to her. so why don’t you go bag on someone like brittany spears. I think lindsey is hott with or w/out the boobs. but honestly i think they are real. because she just turned 18 on july 2 and she had the boobs when she hosted the mtv awards and boobs can grow really really fast trust me.

  34. Amber

    I think that all of you are stuid really when it is none of youlls concern youll are all up in it. The only reason I came in this dumb and childish site is because I thought you could printpictures of her and I was going to print some for my babies daddy. So why the f*** youll so worried about it anyway. Like I said none of your buisness who gives a f****. Not I. That is her buisness!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Im out!

  35. mei

    hehehe, i knew iht! i thot her boobs were fake on her movie “confessions of a teenage drama queeen” cuhz on her movie “parent trap” she was flat chested…and even tho theres a long period of time between those 2 movies…you can’t grow them that fast…yupperz…

  36. nikki l

    Yes i agree with the girl with implants up there once you get them you know for a fact by just looking

  37. gera

    look she is fucken hot and trust me they are fake like what the fuck they cant grow that fucken fast u retards u all are full of shit and bye big titti bitch

  38. Karen

    Can I say that you are all like she has implants now that she is proud and wearing more revealing clothing…look at pictures when she was like fifteen, she is just well endowed…I am thirteen and I see that…you are all stupid

  39. Aubrey

    I have read many of the comments and I find this arguement of breasts to be outrageous. Her boobs may be fake, they may be real. The fact of the matter is that they look good -so who cares? And to who those who think that getting plastic surgery is to boost your confidence, you are wrong. It is simply to modify something on the outside of your body to match how you feel you should look on the inside. It just so happens Lindsey Lohan just has been blessed with perfect boobs –just as some people are blessed with other perfect body parts.

  40. P

    All the girl they say it’s fake are just jealous. In my class at school there was one with bigger ones. And here in Belgium they don’t do plastic surgery below 18 years. And if you’re over 18 mostly they send you first to a psychologist to find out if you’re really unhappy with yourself.
    And if you like it or not. Some persons have big ones other haven’t anything, that’s the way of life!
    And in 1 year they can change very hard, maybe you get bigger ones and then the other people would say that you had plastic surgery.

  41. Bob

    Lindsey Lohan has a hot, sexy body. Right now she is on the road of posing for playboy when she’s older.

  42. jimmy

    lindsay lohan is beutiful whether here boobs are fake or not it doesnt matter she is sooo hot i love her so much i am a big fan of hers i love red heds too she seems realy nice i would love to meet her some day if u c this lindsay i love u

  43. What kind of retards do you have reading your site, anyway?

    Sweet baby jeebus.

  44. Brianna

    Guys can’t really be objective about this to begin with. All they see is BOOBS. So, from a (straight) girl’s point of view: Lindsay is pretty pathetic. If she needs silicon to make herslef feel better, her life is too worthless to spend that kind of money on anyway. And by the way, posing for Playboy ISN’T a good thing. It;s equally pathetic.

  45. Rocker

    Brianna, you tool. You prude prude tool. If you are straight then you want to have a guy fuck you, right? And if you know they’re staring at your boobs, what the hell are you going to do, scream ‘look at my personality you pig?’ Apparently $7 million for her next movie proves her life is a lot more worthwhile then your forgettable life. Sorry, its the fuckin’ truth.
    Oh, and posing for Playboy is hot. Ask any guy you’d want to fuck. They’ll lie to you. . .but they’ll take that Playboy girl standing next to you first. I’ve done it a couple times. Yeah, sometimes their not the brightest, sometimes so vapid it’s close to annoying. But at least she’s getting laid.

  46. Brianna

    No, actually. I’ve decided not to be a slut (a manwhore in your case) and I’m not going to go and screw random people or anyone I’m not married to for that matter. Posing for Playboy is not only pathetic, but wrong. And Lindsey’s life is worth more than mine, if you’re looking at the money. But I’m not looking at the money. I’m looking at things like self confidence with or w/out big boobs and sticking to what you believe. She once said she wouldn’t blow her career on a night of fun. Hmmm, then why is she partying with Tara Reid? And I can find guys who are past most guys shallowness and aren’t just looking to hook up with some moron and her fake boobs.

  47. Brianna

    And never mind the idea she’s sending to impressionable girls: that you need a big bust to be successful.

  48. j

    does anyone realize that it can take like 3 months to make a movie and like 3 more months of post-production, and then it is released whenever they (producers, studio, etc.) think it is going to be the most profitable? freaky friday was released in 2003, so it was either made in late 2002 or early 2003. it is now 1 1/2 to 2 years later from when it was made, and she had nice boobs then. it seems pretty obvious to me that breasts can grow within that much time, especially if they weren’t really that small then anyway. oh yeah, in parent trap she was like 10 so she wouldn’t really have boobs then. AND, even some else said she had nice boobs when she was like 15, which is about how old she would have been when she made the parent trap. HER TITS ARE REAL!

  49. H4x

    Well I only read half the posts.. Seems its about the same anyway.. hehe.. Theres really nothing to argue about. She’s hot and she sure can sing though lots are better singers.. And those boobs.. Well she states that theyre real, though they sure dont look it.. I dont really care.. But damn that boyfriend of hers is a lucky fu***** bastard :D
    And no im not jalous or obsessed.. (only with my own gal) But I sure got myself a new favorite star.. And if anyone gives a damn who the previous was. She was “Lise R

  50. christs sake everyone your all a bunch of losers!!!!!!! who cares!!! why wud u take a picture of someones boobs anyway???? i mean talk about being obsessed! ew!

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