Lindsey Lohan Likes Some Adele, Takes Security Guard Along

Now calm down tabloids. Turns out that Lindsay Lohan isn’t dating a new older man. Instead, the 25-year-old was accompanied to Adele’s concert at the Hollywood Palladium by a security guard. Some gossip mags like MailOnline claimed Lindsay was on a date with the gentleman after some pics of them surfaced holding hands. But in the end, he was just keeping her safe.

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Lindsay wasn’t the only celeb to enjoy herself some Adele. Also present were Nick Jonas and girlfriend Delta Goodrem having a lovers night out and Christina Aguilera was there too. I don’t think any of them ran into Lindsay though. I wonder if she and Nick had run into each though, would they have talked about the good old days at Disney? Sure they were there at different times, but same basic Disney principles.

Lindsay hasn’t been having the happiest of times recently. Video was recently of her in the middle of what looks like a shady drug deal and she was just covered with blood the other day. OK, so the latter was for a photoshoot, but still! At least she’s still modeling. Why just the other day she was hitting the surf for a photoshoot.

Also, her outfit at the Adele concert isn’t totally horrible. Well done. What do you guys think of the newest incarnation of Lindsay? Don’t you love dating rumors about her and security guards? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.