Lindsay’s Over “Firecrotch”

TMZ has footage of Lindsay, dressed like a fortune teller and out clubbing with…Brandon Davis?

Lindsay Lohan may have given up drinking, but she’s still having herself a good ol’ time.

She hit up Area last night with Paris Hilton, and Teddy’s a little later with Greasy Bear Brandon Davis. Making amends with old enemies? Seems like she’s taking those twelve steps seriously!

These twits are so high-school. The greasy bastard went public with a long, long diatribe about your pubic area and now you’re out clubbing with him? And the bitch you were out with earlier – she was on the same tape, laughing at your ass! Hasn’t sobriety brought any kind of clarity, Linds? Can’t you see these people for who they are? They’re all gonna laugh at you! I’m getting out of the gym now, before the pig blood starts flying and people get electrocuted and Betty Buckley gets cut in half by the backboard.