Lindsay’s Got Herself Some Plumpers

October 26th, 2005 // 10 Comments

And they’re back out in full force folks!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jakejustice

    i always knew she’d get the hotness back. pretty hair. if i weren’t dating a skanky beard i’d date lindsay.

  2. Johnny Chicago

    Speaking of skanky…

    I would probably still bang her but to be honest there’s been some pretty suspicious cock up in there.

    Wilmer, Ryan, Stavros, and all the 20-something queerbate C-listers have ‘cum and gone’ up in that nasty twat, so I’m thinking I might just send in the stunt double.

    However, a blowjob definately isn’t out of the question… i’d pop my bulbous gooey head-nut all over her speckled titties and rub in the man-spackle with the head of my throbbing CACK!


  3. Cynthia

    Geez, Johnny, you’re at the wrong site! Type in!

  4. jakejustice

    i apologize for inspiring johnny’s horned rant.

    i just thought her hair looked nice.

  5. Johnny Chicago

    Well, Andy – I mean Jake – the only thing I think about when I see those Lindsay-paris-nicole-ashlee-kate-marykate pictures is:

    When can I bang them

    When I can cum on them, and

    When I can leave and make room for the next guy or at the LEAST a talentless piece of crap who is willing to take the time to waste 5 minutes talking to them, then give them a few rails to blow, before banging them in the bathroom of Koi!

    I was also as you would say “just sayin’”.

    I love you kids and your vernacular!

    Love it!

  6. King Smart Ian

    Now that’s the kind of savoir faire, glib turn of phrase and keen sensitivity that today’s modern starlet is craving!

  7. netty

    Wow I think JC is confused. First, she has a nasty twat and wants to send in his stunt double to do her, now he wants to bang her?
    hmmmmmm, maybe you wanna share a little nose candy with her too perhaps??

  8. Silasdog

    Oh my, this discussion has rapidly deteriorated, and frankly, I’m shocked at the lurid and salacious remarks. And all of it at the expense of that poor waif, Ms Lohan, whose untainted innocence stands as a paragon of virtue for our younger generation. Her image shall forever be present in the pantheon of cultural admiration.

  9. That’s disgusting. I’d never engage in sexual indiscretions with Lindsay Lohan. I’d turn homosexual before I’d touch that. Oh wait a minute…

  10. hui

    Is that a nip slip in the first picture?

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