Lindsay’s Boob, and Britney’s Dad

Poor Lindsay Lohan almost pulled a Tara Reid. She did, but lucky her, no paparazzi were around to photography the boob on the loose (Daily Dish, fourth item). It seems Lindsay was dancing, and a boob flew out of her dress (I hate it when that happens). Not one to miss a beat (she must have been stone cold sober), she tucked back in the mammary gland as if it was a “hip new dance move” (Daily Dish’s words not mine).

Britney’s feuding with her Dad. The clean and sober Mr. Spears, opened up a smoothie shop, and he promised his investors that Britney stop by for little promo visits three times a week (seems slightly excessive). It seems as if papa Spears made the agreement without Britney’s consent. He might want to try selling Cheetos as well; that will probably entice the Britster to stop in a little more often.