Lindsay’s Bodyguard Stretches the Truth a Tad

Lee T. Weaver has spoken out about his former employer, Lindsay Lohan, making the statement that the young star had a “death wish” around the time of her most recent car crash. But it seems he may have exaggerated the terms of his employment just a smidge. And by a smidge, I mean a whole lot. Because I was being sarcastic. In an interview with UK tabloid, News of the World, Weaver claims that he worked for Lindsay a total of two years. However, TMZ reports that he was only employed by Lohan for ten days, when he substituting for a member of her regular security staff.

Lindsay’s rep tells TMZ, “It’s deeply unfortunate that this person has deluded himself into thinking that he worked for Lindsay for a long period of time. This is a cynical and ugly attempt on his part to cash in on Lindsay’s fame.”

And then that’s when the rep added, “Yes, dude, and the job of ‘cashing in on Lindsay’s fame’ has already taken by her mother, thankyouvermuch. So back the F off.”