Lindsay Writes Her Own Burn Book

August 2nd, 2007 // 44 Comments

A friend of Lindsay Lohan, who used to hang with the starlet during her hard-partying days, claims that Lindsay used to love to talk shit about other Hollywood celebrities when she’d get wasted. And now, the “friend” is spilling the beans to the National Enquirer:

“The higher Lindsay got, the more arrogant and mean she became,” said a former party pal of the 21-year-old star. “She ranted and raved about her talent, claiming: ‘I’m the greatest actress in the world! No one’s even close to me right now!’

Sweet! Sadly, there’s no word as to whether or not anyone had the good sense to video-tape this mess. But here are some nuggets from Lindsay’s many rants:

Scarlett Johansson is “ugly, fat and has no talent.”

Jessica Simpson “can’t sing and is dumb as (bleep).”

Sienna Miller is a “no-talent crackhead.”

She sounds like fun. I have half a mind to get her loaded and poke her with a stick, just to hear what she’d have to say about it.


A few more juicy quotes from Lindsay after the jump…

Keira Knightley is “a flat, shallow, cardboard cutout of an actress.”

Jessica Biel is a “phony, scheming, joke of an actress.”

By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    OH BOY! Lindsay’s more delusional than I thought.

  2. juju

    None of these beautiful ladies have been in rehab, all have made good movies and there very talented. You have never heard of them making a total ass of them selfs. Where is lindsay now ??? What goes around comes around doesnt it. And these ladys didnt have to do anything, they just sat back looking pretty and let nature take its course.

  3. Paige

    Haha! Lindsay may be delusional about her own talent but she did a pretty accurate assessment of her competition. Except I wouldn’t exactly call Scarlett fat or ugly.

  4. T-Bone

    Kiera, Jessica Biel and Scarjo have all done very well for themselves. In addition, they’ve all put out at least a couple of good performances and have managed to maintain a modicum of dignity. Tell me what Lindsay Lohan has done? MEAN GIRLS???? I’m sorry – -was that acting or just Lindsay playing Lindsay. Lindsay Lohan is a TERRIBLE actress. She always looks like she’s about 1 second away from looking directly into the lens of the camera. Jessica Simpson may not be all that bright, but she’s not the one in jail or rehab, now is she? So who’s the stupid one now, Lindsay?

  5. Ksre Bear

    Lilo needs to look in the mirror when she’s sober because she is one fugly, no-talent chick herself!!! People who live in glass houses….her mother is a coke head & her father is an addict & career criminal.

  6. silvarga


    IMHO except for ScarJo, some of this stuff actually rings true. I especially like the one about Sienna Miller.. It’s too bad she let fame go to her head. If she’d stayed on the right track after Mean Girls her statement about herself could’ve been at least halfway true. And how come she didn’t say anything about Jessica Alba (this may have been before Sin city so maybe Alba was just a blip on her radar at the time?)

    Anyway, she’s fucked. Maybe she, and noiw disinherited Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton can pool their money together and get a penthouse apartment in Fresno.

  7. Indrid Cold

    You know I honestly used to think Lindsay had acting talent but now I’ve seen more of her movies I just think she’s the same in every part no matter how different the character. She has no real range at all. I think Scarlett at least stretches herself a little. Plus come on Lindsay’s like a 14 year old slutty girl and in comparison Scarjo seems like a real woman, so the “fat and ugly” comment would be pure jealousy.

    Lindsay’s average looking at best without a stylist behind her but Scarlett and Keira etc., have looks to begin with. It’s just funny because most of the people she mentions are better than she is at singing or acting.

    Jealousy is a bitch Lindsay. Too bad they’re all going to have careers when you’re in the drunktank.

  8. She'a Got a Point

    Well she’s batting 1 for 5 out of that list. Guess who’s the one she got right?

  9. melissa

    She is more insecure than I thought.
    She sounds jealous & BITTER!

  10. jesse d

    Wanna bet each & every single gal in Hollyweird has the same list going on?? What, they’re all saints? Come on!!

  11. anonymous

    Agree w/ “She’s got a Point”…and she’s correct about…Miss Jessica Simpson!

    Other than that the rest are all better than she is. Although at least Jessica isn’t a multi-rehab, multi-arrest level mess.

  12. Lindsay is a waste, but i can’t argue with any of her opinions about that vapid little group.

    Scarlett Johansson is “ugly, fat and has no talent.” CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK

    Jessica Simpson “can’t sing and is dumb as (bleep).” CHECK CHECK CHECK

    Sienna Miller is a “no-talent crackhead.” CHECK CHECK

    Keira Knightley is “a flat, shallow, cardboard cutout of an actress.” CHECK

    Jessica Biel is a “phony, scheming, joke of an actress.” CHECK CHECK CHECK

  13. T-Bone

    And Linsay Lohan is an ugly, immature wreck who can’t act her way out of a paper bag…. CHECK CHECK CHECK

  14. kristen

    dude, how about she is a freckly, cokehead wino, who has the body of a pre-pubescent teenage boy. she is so gross….she always has hated on Scarlett, who is so beautiful…HATER

  15. kristen

    dude, how about she is a freckly, cokehead wino, who has the body of a pre-pubescent teenage boy. she is so gross….she always has hated on Scarlett, who is so beautiful…HATER

  16. indoorvoice

    I don’t think she is saying anything new.
    There is this strange idea floating around that anyone beautiful is talented. sorry guys, not true.
    I think people are so busy imagining Scarlett’s fuck face, they seem to skip over the fact that is made of cardboard.
    Kiera, Sienna, and the Jessica’s are all just varying shades of the same color of BO-Ring.

    Lindsay’s only talent might actually be the ability to call it as she sees it, too bad her mirror is covered in lines of cocaine.

  17. Bodhi

    LL is full of shit.
    However, her musings on J. Simp & Sienna are right on.
    She has always disliked Scarlett, prolly because she knows SJ is billion times better looking & far far far more talented

  18. Beil is a broke down no talent Mary Camden. Scarlett is one of the doofiest looking women ever and she can’t act for shit. Keira was decent as Lizzy Swann, but should have retired after that. Never bothered to see anything with Sienna. I’m not even going to bother with Jessucka.

    Oh, hey T-Boned…At least Linds isn’t out cokin and whorin it up while her two toddlers are left abandoned somewhere like your girl Brit. Eh.

  19. T-Bone

    A few of you are completely missing the point here. This little drug addicted idiot claims to be the “greatest actor in the world” and that very few people have the talent she does. THAT is the point — not her little drugged up coke rants about everyone else.

    It doesn’t matter one single bit if there’s even a hint of truth to what she has said about everyone else. What matters is that she is completely delusional about her talent and fame. Her arrogance is second only to her total stupidity. And I have NEVER read or heard anything about Britney Spears claiming to be the only talented person in Hollywood. Nor have I heard her go on and on and on about how unbelievably great she is. AND THAT — is the point.

  20. doppelganger

    Scarlett…..voted sexiest woman, Oscar nominated actress, is working on her third film with Woody Allen. Woody would never work with Lindsay.

    Jessica….maybe not that smart, but richer than Lindsay. She can sing the national anthem acapella really well. This shows she has a strong range. She just doesn’t have great songs and producers to manufacture things for her. Oh, and Lindsay hit on Nick Lachey but he shot her down.

    Keira Knightly….also an Oscar nominated actress.

    Jessica Biel…..a million times hotter than LL, voted hottest woman alive, has a body to die for, and is getting more roles than Lindsay.

    Sienna Miller…..a MUCH more believable actress than LL on screen.

    Seems to me that LL is blatantly jealous of all of these women because they’re either more beautiful, more accomplish, more respected or in some way actually are more talented than her. She’s even more pathetic than we thought.

  21. shadygoddess13

    Jessica Biel said her day started with a good, hearty breakfast. Good for her. But it must have also started with a good hearty nosejob too at one point, because her nose is fugly.

  22. Ace

    While she has no leg to stand on with regards to success and being known for her actual work, La Lohan makes some good points with regards to talent. Biel’s not a very good actress. I haven’t seen her impress me yet. Jessica Simpson can’t sing. And ScarJo, while not completely untalented, isn’t yet ready to go down in history as one of the best either. I can’t speak on the other two as I’m not familiar with their work.

  23. T-Bone

    Cocaine tends to make people think they’re something special. Lindsay must have been freebasing.

  24. “A few of you are completely missing the point here.”

    No, just YOUR point Boner. Get over yourself.

  25. T-Bone

    OH PLEASE, PULEEZE! Tell me you have someone else to idolize other than Lindsay Lohan. If not, poor you, EH?

  26. Come on now kids…do you honestly think there is any one of those actresses that don’t have the same list and say the same things about the other ones? That these little tartlets don’t do the same snorting that Lindsay does? The only diff is La Lohan does it to excess so it gets print.

    (as far as doing movies w/Woody Allen…AND? yawn.)

  27. Actually can’t stand Lohan.

    What i also can’t stand T-Boned, is your delusional self-importance and relentless need to spew your hate on everyone outslide of Brit-Brit. It’s the fact that you defend a woman that abuses and neglects her children daily while drinking, drugging and whoring her way through the tabloids. That shows alot about your values and mind set. Poor me? Not even close. Look in the mirror.

  28. June

    how do we even know lindsay said this? these are just rumors!

  29. Miguelito

    You know what? Lindsay’s almost right! She is the greatest actress… in the Hollywood fish bowl. The greatest actress in the world is more like Isabelle Huppert. But Lindsay is still iconic. She blows away Scarlett and the rest. And that picture is of Keira Knightley, isn’t it?

  30. Miguelito

    P.S. Hopefully the people commenting have seen Georgia Rule and I Know Who Killed Me. That’s why Lindsay is boasting. Those are two stone-cold classics. They’re just so different from what people were expecting, so risky and unique, it will take a while for people to get it.

    What sets Lindsay apart from the others is the way her life and her movies bleed into each other. Scarlett is basically just a puppet for directors. But Lindsay raises the game of every director she works with.

  31. zara

    you are a fucking idiot. seriously. Sjo has worked with some of the best directors/producers.
    Jessica is dumb as hell, but the bitch can sing.
    Smiller–yeah, she is a skank, just as lilo is. Seriously, lilo has the potiental to be great, but she is totally not there yet. Plus, EVERYONE in l.a. hates her.

  32. xLindsayanne

    EEEK. WOW.
    i defiantly had a laugh over that one.
    Lindsay Lohan needs to look in the mirror :)
    while i dont think shes hideous on any level,
    i would say that all of these woman are more attractive than her. I also find it amusing how she calls sienna millar a “no-talent crackhead”.
    seems to me shes describing herself.


  33. xLindsayanne

    EEEK. WOW.
    i defiantly had a laugh over that one.
    Lindsay Lohan needs to look in the mirror :)
    while i dont think shes hideous on any level,
    i would say that all of these woman are more attractive than her. I also find it amusing how she calls sienna millar a “no-talent crackhead”.
    seems to me shes describing herself.


  34. lambman

    To be honest I have to agree about most of this

    J. Simp – Lindsay is 100% right

    Kiera – definetly flat, and an over-rated talent

    Sienna – Lindsay forgot attention whore

    J. Biel – sweet, and lovely, but a pretty uninspiring actress

    Scarlet – not fat or ugly, or untalented…but definetly very over-rated looks and talent….also slutty

  35. Jackie

    Sienna Miller is actually a really good actress. I thought she was just a pretty face who wears ugly shoes until I saw Factory Girl. I’m pretty sure that the people who are saying she sucks either haven’t seen any of her movies or are thinking of the horror that is Alfie. Also, Jessica Simpson CAN sing. She may not have the gorgeous voice of fiona apple or anything, but I’m pretty sure she can hit any note better than LL.

  36. nyc girl

    I think she needs to get new friends. Who are these bitches selling her out? Story sounds fishy to me.

  37. tk

    haha. as crazy as linsdey is, i agree wid what she has to say about the other actresses. simply put, en very accurate. altho, lindsey herself is the stupidest of the bunch,,,,

  38. MM

    If she’s the best actress in the world then I’m the F*#king Queen of England.

  39. what tk said

    Those who write burn books usually end up getting burned. Does anyone care what she says anyways?

  40. jen

    ANYONE that agrees with what Lindsay says is clearly just as DELUSIONAL as her :)

  41. linsaylover

    lindsay is awesome i love her.
    anythign she says is amazing.
    fuuuuck. cnat get enough.

  42. aaa

    only the jessica simpson one is potentially 99% true

  43. shilene

    i hate all the girl in the burn book

  44. shaan

    ha ha u can all talk about lindsay the way you want to,dsnt matter.we’re all human and we all hate,its better to be hated for who u r then be loved for who u r leave lindsay alone,and by the way why is this all of a sudden your problem pipo??? thats between lindsay and those pple!

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