Lindsay Writes Her Own Burn Book

A friend of Lindsay Lohan, who used to hang with the starlet during her hard-partying days, claims that Lindsay used to love to talk shit about other Hollywood celebrities when she’d get wasted. And now, the “friend” is spilling the beans to the National Enquirer:

“The higher Lindsay got, the more arrogant and mean she became,” said a former party pal of the 21-year-old star. “She ranted and raved about her talent, claiming: ‘I’m the greatest actress in the world! No one’s even close to me right now!’

Sweet! Sadly, there’s no word as to whether or not anyone had the good sense to video-tape this mess. But here are some nuggets from Lindsay’s many rants:

Scarlett Johansson is “ugly, fat and has no talent.”

Jessica Simpson “can’t sing and is dumb as (bleep).”

Sienna Miller is a “no-talent crackhead.”

She sounds like fun. I have half a mind to get her loaded and poke her with a stick, just to hear what she’d have to say about it.


A few more juicy quotes from Lindsay after the jump…

Keira Knightley is “a flat, shallow, cardboard cutout of an actress.”

Jessica Biel is a “phony, scheming, joke of an actress.”