Lindsay Takes Out the Fuzz

I am beginning to move past the stage of pitying Lohan. The girl has had yet another car accident. This time Lindsay collided with a police car. This fender bender follows a minor accident just two weeks ago after spending some time at “Hyde.”

This time she managed to walk away without any injuries so she won’t be sporting any fashionable casts. She was “entertaining” London socialite Calum Best in her Range Rover when the police car ran a red light and Lohan smashed into the oncoming vehicle. This makes four “accidents” in just 18 months.

Perhaps Lohan should keep her eye and crotch focused on the road.

More photos of a wobbly looking Lindsay Lohan after the jump.

Lindsay Lohan Is Involved in Another Fender Bender [Starpulse]

Written by Cara Harrington

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