Lindsay Sober And Loving it, Hanging Out in Bars


Lohan tested her hard won sobriety by going to out to clubs and bars over the weekend with the Valtrex spokesmodel.

Rehab-hopping Lindsay Lohan threw herself back into the hornet’s nest over the weekend — by popping into the Hollywood bar scene.

TMZ spies didn’t see her drink, but she tempted fate by keeping company with premiere party pal, Paris Hilton.

The tabloid twosome created a paparazzi firestorm Friday night as they laughed and joked on their way out of Les Deux nightclub. Then, less than 24 hours later, TMZ cameras caught Lohan sneaking out of Area nightclub — alone.

When asked why someone in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse would put herself in that kind of situation while still in rehab, Lindsay responded by saying “mmrrggghh, ya wanna f*ck me? what-uhmg, I’m hot, mmin movies and shit. You know me, don’t you dare disrespect me, where’s Paris. God I’m so tired..mmmggrrh. I just want this to end, my Mom is such a crazy. Urp, bitch. She’s a crazy bitch. Is that f*cking Jaegermeister? I don’t do those shots, they make me vomit. God, can I lay down? Let’s go to mmmrggggh, In-N-Out. Seriously, I’d get f*cked in the butt for a burger right now. Is that Brody Jenner? !”

More photos of Lindsay Lohan not partying, but getting mobbed by the paparazzi after the jump.