Paris Hilton Proves That Cheese Can Sweat

Guess who’s still feudin’? Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan! I call a knife fight! Or a duel with pistols! Lindsay was set to host some dumbass party at the Scandinavian Style Mansion when she noticed that Paris Hilton’s handbags were one of the sponsors. They’re handbags that come equipped with morning after pills AND Valtrex for the girl on the ho…I mean go.

Lindsay allegedly threw a wobbly and demanded that Paris’ name be taken down. The butler at the Scandinavian Style Mansion or whatever told the press that all the drama was “unnecessary”.

“Why would Lindsay ever walk down a carpet of another celebrity’s fashion line when she was never told before the event?” one of Lohan’s friends asked. Maybe because bitch got paid? And she needs the money?

I don’t know what Paris is wearing, but here she is struggling with how a car door works and making damn sure the photogs get a good shot of what’s in her talon. It’s an itinerary which shows her following the European tour of Good Charlotte. Her latest victim is Good Charlotte’s guitarist Benji Madden. We get it, you finally got a dude to wear the Hazmat suit and approach your bedroom. Congrats.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN