Lindsay Lohan’s Poka-Dot Bikini Show

August 29th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Someone must have finally fed Lindsay, as she is looking less like a starving Ethiopian. She gave the paparazzi a show as she enjoyed the outdoors.

The sunbathing beauty does about four push ups clad in her bikini. (Most likely in attempt to work off the tic-tac she might have feasted on.) Lohan then draped a few sheets in attempt to escape the clicks of the camera. Finding a corner to fondle her flavor of the week in, and then she apparently became bored, as she turned and walked away.

Oh to walk in her shoes…

More photos of Lindsay Lohan in her bikini after the jump.

Lohan’s Bikini Workout [TMZ]

Written by Cara Harrington


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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. poisonivy

    all this pics that paps are taking of her working out at her balcony n in her bikinis r soo crafted..maybe its jus for least de paps are hvg de scoop of de day.. i mean , why she drapes later wen she knew working out in de open like tat are risked being photographed in de 1st plc…duhhh

  2. mike

    when she is wearing a tshirt and walking her breasts don’t jiggle in the middle. they are just solid. they only jiggle and bounce when she puts and effort into it. them thar titties are fake. and thats just nasty.

  3. holy fake tits

    yah keep hatin on her fake tits but she only tries to please the guys, girls, so don’t be jealous. mike, who cares if they don’t jiggle? big fake ones are way better than small real ones!

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