Lindsay Lohan’s Maserati And The Porn Connection

A few weeks back we jabbed Lindsay Lohan for being unemployed and spending like she’d just inked a movie deal of Reese Witherspoon proportions.

We giggled at her new mansion, Rolex, Maserati, and when her assistant crashed her aforementioned ride, our sympathies fell on the long-suffering Samantha Ronson who we assumed was funding this Diddy-type lifestyle.

Wrong! Little did we know Linds has her fingers in all sorts of grimy little bowls of cash. That $115, 000 Maserati wasn’t a gift from Samantha but on loan from “porn king” Dennis DeSantis. Dennis is the creative lifeblood and mastermind behind many chic productions you can find in the 99 cent bin at your neighborhood adult store.

While the source claims there isn’t any catch to Dennis’ generous present, which he fixed and returned to Lindsay, we wonder if this is an “advance” of some sort.

While it’s incredibly barbarian of us to assume Lindsay is sharpening her acting chops sans scripts and leggings, we also know there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (or slick, six-figure car).

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