Lindsay Lohan’s Friend Slams Michael Lohan’s Press Conference

Deadbeat dad Michael Lohan held a press conference yesterday afternoon in an effort to reach out to Lindsay Lohan and get her to stop using drugs.

He mentioned Brittany Murphy and DJ AM and said “I’m not going to let this happen anymore,” so good news Michael Lohan is going to stop all drug-related deaths.

Michael said he wants to fly Lindsay back east so she could enter a Long Island rehab center. “I get calls from some of her closest friends when they’re out with her during the night,” he claims. “I don’t want her to be a statistic. The press is already writing obits for her. How sick is that?” So why go straight to the “sick” media?

 “I’ve tried every way possible to reach out to my daughter,” Michael says. “I’ve called, texted…in difficult times she reaches out to me for help. Last week she called me when she fell into the cactus. She said ‘Daddy, I need security.’ Funny, that didn’t show up in the pictures...and Lindsay called his last claims about their connecting a lie. But really..why would Michael lie?

“This is not about publicity,” says Papa Lohan who appeared at the press conference with Kate Major, girlfriend and partner on a new reality show project they are shopping around called Tour of Charity. 

Meanwhile Lindsay’s friend/business partner Jenni Muro spoke out saying “I normally do not comment or engage publicly, but it is important for people to understand how inappropriate today’s actions are. …anyone who makes public judgments of her, it affects her more than personally. It affects her ability to do more work and prosper in all regards.”

So here’s the gist: Duh, Lindsay Lohan has some kind of substance issues, but the really sad thing is Michael is a also mess also who can’t communicate with his daughter, her mother is too busy hawking toothbrushes, and her “friends” are more concerned about Lindsay making money for them than even address the issue or rehab, which by the way has never done much for Lindsay.