Lindsay Lohan’s Bringing Sexy Back

Take it to the chorus.

If you’re Lindsay Lohan’s pal and you’ve been a little down lately, you’ve probably received a sexy surprise in the mail to brighten your day. According to Life Style Extra:

The ‘Just My Luck’ actress has allegedly sent a number of adult items, along with funny handwritten notes, to her close pals, including supermodel Kate Moss. A source close to Lohan told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Lindsay has been making her female friends laugh by sending them sex toys as she wanted to cheer them up. “The latest thing she sent out was an Ann Summers sex toy called the Deluxe Rampant Rabbit. Lindsay thinks they are hilarious. “As well as 12 paView the profile for Kate Moss on Celebrity Spotlightirs of sexy black thongs, some massage oil and edible underwear she has ordered 12 of the Deluxe Rabbits off the internet.”

Get your sexy on.

More photos of Lindsay Lohan (with Courteney Semel who is sitting in the pedicre chair next to her. Her father runs Yahoo and is very friendly with Tom Cruise.) getting a pedicure in Beverly Hills after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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