Lindsay Lohan’s No Tara Reid

March 27th, 2006 // 5 Comments

“There’s this misconception that if you’re out one night, then you’re said to be out every night. You have to be careful, but I think the main thing is to make sure the people around you are looking out for your best interests.

“You have to let it roll off your back. I’ve learned to just ignore it. “But I think you can also take advantage of the fact that you’re in the limelight and put things out into the world that are good messages.

“I’m not some Tara Reid-style party girl. And I want to be in this business.”

And Tara Reid is no Lindsay Lohan.

(Source: Entertainmentwise)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. my2cents

    Oh brother!!! She’s got some nerve putting someone else’s name out there. What a joke she is! I am sooo sick of her! I guess she does want to be in this business…..making all that $ for what?… sure isn’t for her talent.

  2. tia

    Thats really lame .. If I was tara I would open up a can of whoop ass on Lindsay. If she is not like Tara then why is she hangin with her in this pic ???!!! Lindsay Hohan you make me wanna bitch slap you … just shut the hell up asap.

  3. Spark

    “There’s this misconception that if you’re out one night, then you’re said to be out every night….”
    You are out every night Lindsay, you’re photographed leaving with different men, how are we supposed to take you as a serious actress?

  4. Canuck

    Or how are we supposed to believe you’re an actor when you, uh, don’t do any acting? I recall these things called TV shows and movies, and I remember people who actually showed up to talk in front of cameras for them got paid and were named ‘actors’.

    Hell, I was more of an actor than you’ve been when I walked by a movie set the other day.

  5. lise

    This is sad because Tara Reid is or was her friend from the looks of things. I think it’s sad the way these girls give each other a hard time. They need all the support they can get because it doesn’t look like their mothers are doing the job.

    What i think alot of people forget (myself included) is she is only 19 and many of her friends are very young also. I think because some of these girls look older we expect them to act older and forget she is still a teenager.

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