Lindsay Lohan’s New Look

September 19th, 2005 // 22 Comments

I like everything but the hands on the hips “I’m a model” pose. Plus the headgear in the first photo.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lou

    Gwyneth won’t let her child eat cuppa-soup but she will be photographed with LL……. sell out! …..hypocritical much?!

  2. bitchy richie

    Gwen darling looking so matronly and dowdy
    not a good look for her…
    LL on the otherhand is still a teen
    and obviously having a good time …I like
    the BOB gives her a 1920′s chic look…
    Very stylish if anyone out there bothered to go to Fashion week…

  3. laura

    she is a trainwreck. I am so sick of her and don’t even think she is anything special! Hair cute short. Gwenyth looks like the frumpy older sister- what is going on? With her body and resources, there is no excuse!

  4. selacanto

    LL looks like just another thin Hollywood blondie. She looks ok but she was more interesting back when she had red curly hair

  5. The Real Ian !

    could care less about gwen —BORING—
    LL hey ! she is talentless, but still a hollywood
    teen slut and would definetly run her through the mill, the new look is good for her though
    shows a little more maturity than the lil gurl red locks…ahhhhhhhh i’m over it…

  6. lulu

    The more she tries to look like Scarlett Johnanssen, the sillier she gets.

  7. The Real Ian !

    true lulu true

  8. makisasa

    could she try any harder to look like a carbon copy of Nicole Richie???

  9. emma peel

    Lohan does look much better recently… more, less drug?whatever the reason,good for her.
    Gwenyth-i dispointed the once “it girl” looks so dowdy in this photo

  10. Ill Will

    Why in the hell is she trying to look like a mini Kim Catrall?

  11. lisa

    lmao!!! she sooo looks like kim cattrall’s mini me!!!!

  12. johnnydamonisyummy

    Thats one big pile of douche, who is going to tell Hohan she looks like she is 45???

  13. mimi

    Lindsay was so cute when she first became very popular, I dont like the changes she has gone through. Why is her hair still so blonde? It is so unflattering

  14. anon

    And no one even notices her newly “re-grown” breasts!

  15. bk_magnolia

    ugh. why?

    she was much more original (and cuter!) when she had full red hair, freckles and a lovely womanly body.

    now… she’s just one in a deck of plain ol’ slutty lookin’ blonde chicks along w/:

    maryashleykate thing
    and on and on and on into vomitdom. pun intended.

  16. 510Bombshell

    someone pleasePLEASE teach that girl how to apply blush…or else hire someone who knows how.

  17. chunravy

    god I hate lohan, shes not even pretty!

  18. SMroxs

    Anyone else think that in the photo with Gwyneth, Lindsay looks like Debbie Harry’s shorter, younger, uglier, badly-dressed, street-walking sister from 1980? I think it’s the hair that does it.

    Where the hell is her stylist? Or is she one of those starlets who think they’re so fashion savvy that they don’t need one? Someone needs to tell her otherwise…

  19. Dani

    She’s all red in the face!!! And I hate that she tries to copy Nicole Richie, I don’t understand, why do they all have to look the same?? I mean LL, paris and nicole three blondes short hair, thin, etc etc, pleaseee be original…bye

  20. cantstandher

    Can stupid ass Lindsay Lohan STOP pretending to be classy? I hate how she tries sooooooo hard to convince the public that she is not just some dumb stupid teenager who parties by always posing with older and more mature celebs, or vowing chastity.

    Lindsay – I hope you read this – YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE! You are still a dumbass coke whore who parties! Go back to your Paris Hilton gang!

  21. spitfire

    Um, are you SURE it’s LL in the second pic and not a professional impersonator? I’m not questioning your infinite knowledge, I’m just sayin’…..

  22. LL Rocks Says Rhea

    lindsay lohan rocks !!!! so wat if she is going thru a bad atage she atill nows how to perform if u guys just bitch then y do u com on this site???????? love u lohan

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