Lindsay Lohan’s $2 Million Missing Jewelry Mystery

This woman loves her jewelry. Lindsay Lohan, seen frequently shopping at XIV Karats LTD, is accused of “losing” over $2 million worth of jewelry from their store.

Apparently, Lindsay had the jewels for over two months on loan from the store, and when they asked for them back, she claimed she no longer had them.

“Lindsay claimed that they had been stolen from her safe,” a source told “They’ve disappeared. XIV are not happy about it. The jewels were in Lindsay’s care and they were only on a loaner, they were expected to be returned. If something is not resolved soon there will be legal action taken.”

Of course Michael Lohan had something to say about this. He told, “Lindsay didn’t take anything from them. They lent her jewelry and she has to give it back to them. That’s all I know. She has no intention of keeping any of it. So I guess they’re sorting it out.”

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