Lindsay Lohan/Bruce Willis Groping Never Happened

March 16th, 2005 // 8 Comments


Last week, we had an erroneous report that he and 18-year-old Lohan had “a gropefest” when they met for the first time after the opening of his movie, “Hostage.” For the record: There was no groping. Sorry, Bruce. [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lulu

    oh but those implants sure did.

  2. ali

    her breats are way too big for that top. it looks trashy

  3. katie

    it might just be me, but i think her right armpit could possibly be compared to the view one may have while munching on some carpet. but that’s probably just me.

  4. nikki

    and…er..what exactly is that wierd white patchy bit on her left armpit. side effects of the boob job?

  5. Some1

    This is a very bad website,Just for crazy people with wit proplem…

  6. hey grow up people!

    omg u are all so mean! lindsay is a great person and only wants to have fun with her life and all she gets is nasty comments by people she dont even kno!!! learn sum respect and they r not fake they r real and that patch is just some underarm spray mabe if u wear it u wud kno!

  7. isabel

    how do you know she is a great person. have you met her? has she told you that all she wants to do is have fun with her life? if not then shut up.

  8. sam

    Fuck thinking before she speaks, Bruce Willis! I think she needs to think before she dates.

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