Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Performing In A Peep Show

But she will be hitting a club near you. Lindsay was out partying last night at h.wood, and was acting a little shy. She can remain shy, because the rumors of Lindsay Lohan participating in a topless peep show have been debunked.

Lohan’s rep Leslie Sloane exclusively told RadarOnline: “She isn’t interested at this time but it seems people are out there saying she is doing this.”

When contacted Peep Show about the rumor, the Peep Show people backed-off about their claim that Lohan was joining the show.

“It’s true that Lindsay visited the show this past weekend and that Jerry would love to have her but that is as far as it has gone. She has not inked any deals and no detailed discussions took place with Jerry – anything else would be purely speculation at this point,” confirmed the spokesperson.

Would you pay to see Lindsay Lohan topless onstage for an hour and a half?

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