Lindsay Lohan Wants To Move To The UK And Has A New Diet

The move doesn’t sounds like a bad idea since the seem to like her better over there.

Lindsay Lohan tweeted “Moving to the UK is in my near future better dj’s/music and Paris is just a Chunnel away!” This tweet came at 2:24 am yesterday either before or after these pictures were taken of her leaving the Bardot lounge in West Hollywood where her ex DJ Samantha Ronson was also hanging out. Hmmm…a more subtle move than a drink in the face?

The New York Post reports that Lohan actually praised Ronson on Saturday when she was hosting a party at Harrah’s The Pool After Dark in Atlantic City. She reportedly told the crowd her ex-girlfriend could teach the DJ “what songs to play.” The Post also said Lohan needed a pick me up on her arrival.  Lohan is so over drugs, but there is always room for new addiction. The Mean Girl requested a B12 vitamin shot for her jet lag and two cartons of cigarettes. Because a vitamin shot needs a side dish.