Lindsay Lohan Will Not Front Chanel’s Next Campaign

February 8th, 2006 // 17 Comments

So much for Lindsay Lohan going upscale. You can wear all the Chanel you want, but it’s not going to get you a campaign.

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has laughed off singer/actress Lindsay Lohan’s claims she will front the fashion house’s next advertising campaign, insisting she is too immature.

In December (05) the Mean Girls star boasted she had won a lucrative contract with the fashion giant, following supermodel Kate Moss‘ dismissal over allegations of drug abuse.

But chief designer Lagerfield insists the label needs more sophisticated icons, such as film star Nicole Kidman – who advertises signature scent Chanel Number 5. The 67-year-old tells New York magazine, “I prefer Nicole Kidman and that generation.”

More photos of Lindsay and Dina Lohan watching Ali and Dakota Lohan as they walk the runway for Child Magazine, after the jump.

Lagerfeld Laughs Off Lohan’s Chanel Claims [contactmusic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl

    The real story is she was too skinny for the sample sizes.

    She is so unattractive, even more so with her bones protruding. She looked better when she weighed more than a premature baby.

  2. PleaseThink

    This is the same guy who just said he liked Camilla the horse over Diana? I think his jeans are to tight and it is some how affecting the flow of blood to his brain. That is okay Lindsay will get there one day. Mark my words.

  3. CD

    Lohan will never get there. She has neither the star quality, nor the beauty necessary to represent Chanel in print ads. Maybe a Hilfiger ad, but NEVER Chanel.

  4. Maggie

    I would agree, I think LH is cute, just not beautiful. She lacks many qualities, including those of a lady. She’s a party girl. Maybe she’ll transform in later life. Then again, look at her mother. She looks like a late 30′s woman desperate to hold onto her youth–via her daughter’s lifestyle.

    She’s worse than Terry Shields (Brooke’s Mom for you young ones) ever was in her stage Mom days. Running around clubbing with your daughter is about as natural as their hair color or eyelashes. Mom’s are meant to be Mom’s, not party friends.

  5. Cynthia

    I am still trying to figure out what is so great about half of these stupid people that are supposed to be celebrities. Lindsay Lohan? Puhleeze! She looks like a typical high school kid! And most of these morons are just walking skeletons and have never shown an ounce of intelligence. So tell me again why they are so attractive?

  6. gossipwhore

    Wait we are missing the real story here and that is how UGLY UGLY UGLY Dakota and Ali Lohan are… OMG… those are some ugly homly looking children and Dina whoring her kids out… they should be home in school and staying grounded not out walking the cat walk b/c their older sister is a Hollywood whore.

  7. doofus

    CD, I’m with you. I don’t think Lohan will EVER get there. pretty, yes, but she doesn’t have the look for a house as upscale as Chanel.

    besides lacking the star quality (what movie has she been in where she “shone” or blew critics away?…she’s nothing more than the younger set’s flavor of the month…) and staying power, she’s too much of a party girl…her image is just NOT “Chanel”.

    I could see her doing Gap ads, tho…

    oh, and fugly girl, I totally agree…what happened to that nice curvy figure we saw in those beach pics? she’s starting to look skeletal again…

  8. jm

    Chanel Number 5 smells like whoore.

  9. Silasdog

    CD & Doofus are right on the money. Listen, you will NEVER see Lohan as a spokesperson for any commodity that even has a hint of real class and sophistication. She simply does not (and never will) have what it takes to play in the same league as a Nicole Kidman, or a Charlize Theron, etc. She’s lucky she’s gotten this far. She is a 3rd rate (and I’m being generous) talent that’s been hyped up to a recognition level. But class, sophistication, style – no way, NEVER.

  10. thumper

    Ms. Lohans makeup courtesy of Kabuki.

  11. kanga

    lindsay looks like a uber evil joker in the top photo… yuck, i’d be crying if i had a photo of me that looked that bad.

    As for her younger sibling, they are still only kids, so i would kinda feel bad for picking on the way they look, i find most kids look awkward at that age.

  12. CD

    All I can say is that that must have some roofie Kate Moss slipped to her at their dinner.

  13. Sith Lord

    You ladies are really nasty towards Hohan! What I want to know is why her acting skills went along with the pounds she had!!! She her in SNL before and after, looks like a different person. If you were a major brand would you want her to represent you? Keira and Scarlett at least can act!!! And please don’t get me started on her singing…

  14. bobothecnt

    u wouldn;t want to argue with Karl Lagerfield… poor Lindsay loohan haven’t you heard not to count yo ur chicken’s b4 they hatch?? Apparently the editors of Vogue find Paris hilton and everyone from “that generation” not pretty at all and look on them with disdain. SO it is true – you can wear as much Chanel as you want but you can’t buy them off… Keep aspiring bitches!!!

  15. SOl

    I am from argentina and the only things I hear about this girl is who she dates and who she fucks (sometimes we hear what´s in her shopping bag also). Never heard from a big good movie (just disney movies showing her as a little sweet angel that we all see and vomite because she is so not)…So, lets not name CHANEL please in the same paragraph as her. I think she has to look for a contract w/ Troyans or some like that.

  16. Lisa


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