Lindsay Lohan Undresses For Jill Stuart

May 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

Kind of. Her dress is peaking out at the bottom of the shot, but if you hadn’t see that you would have probably assume she was naked. Anyway, Lindsay Lohan has picked up another paycheck. This time she puts out for designer Jill Stuart.

The contemporary sportswear designer has snagged Lohan to be the face of its print ad campaign, which will hit August magazines and run through November. The campaign marks the first time Jill Stuart has chosen a celebrity for her ads.

“I can’t say enough fantastic things about Lindsay,” Stuart said of her choice to go with the starlet rather than a model. “She is sexy and smart, exactly what the Jill Stuart woman embodies.”

How many of you that own Jill Stuart clothing feel that Lindsay Lohan resembles anything close to the “Jill Stuart woman?”

By Jessica Marx

  1. Jill Stuart must have piped up right before she spouted that wack shiznit fer reals. lol

    Lindsay Lo-ho embodies the “Fredrick’s of Hollywood Woman” more like.

    Anyway, I’m off to dinner.


  2. AJ

    wow…that is a really unfortunate picture of lindsay…I’m not sure I even get the message of this add…oh well…I’ll second Tom…

  3. Stace

    Whatever problems Lindsay may have in life, she’s still a talented starlet with a lot of credential So she parties and has mishaps, she’s still beautiful and smart, just like what Stuart said. She’ll definitely make Jill Stuart look good.

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