Lindsay Lohan Update

LindsayspeakI love the skull and crossbones on the album cover of her new CD “Speak”, it reeks of “Don’t buy this CD, it’s poison.”

Tien Mao posted a mini-clip of Lindsay’s first “singing” flub on Good Morning America. If anything, I’m surprised that these youngsters haven’t learned to lip sync better.

LAist has a hilarious new feature: The Lindsay Lohan Guide To LA. A witty way of plugging various shopping venues in LA.

Now, Linds… can we call you Linds? Oh, come on, we’re devoting a column just to you! We’re buds now! Anyway, like we were sayin’, Linds, as you know, today is the release day for your new album, “Speak”. (We’re, like, totally stoked to hear it, BTW.) We couldn’t help noticing track #6 is titled “Something I Never Had”. And that made us a little sad. Is there you’re looking for, Linds? See, we can totally relate to looking for things. We have this brother who’s, like, so hard to shop for. Seriously, he has everything, so we never know what to buy him for Hanukkah — and we just realized it starts tonight at sundown! Yikes!

I’m sure Linds will be grateful for this guide.