Lindsay Lohan Topless Is A Sad Sight

If the pictures of Lindsay Lohan at the post-Oscar party sponsored by Mercedes-Benz looking all scrawny in a white dress didn’t convince you that the starlet is ailing, the this should seal the deal for you.

These stark black and white pictures, taken by photographer Heidi Slimane, reveal a painfully thin Lindsay, using her long hair to (for the most part) cover up her suspiciously-still-round breasts. I’m not saying they’re fake, but after losing all this weight, real boobs would look a lot more like those elbows of hers.

As for what the root of her dwindling frame might be, well, we feel like this interview with Lindsay on the red carpet at the Mercedes-Benz party is pretty self-explanatory.

A new self-tanner? If someone’s looking for name suggestions, we’re thinking “Connect the Freckles” has a nice ring to it.