Lindsay Lohan Topless Is A Sad Sight

February 23rd, 2009 // 24 Comments

If the pictures of Lindsay Lohan at the post-Oscar party sponsored by Mercedes-Benz looking all scrawny in a white dress didn’t convince you that the starlet is ailing, the this should seal the deal for you.

These stark black and white pictures, taken by photographer Heidi Slimane, reveal a painfully thin Lindsay, using her long hair to (for the most part) cover up her suspiciously-still-round breasts. I’m not saying they’re fake, but after losing all this weight, real boobs would look a lot more like those elbows of hers.

As for what the root of her dwindling frame might be, well, we feel like this interview with Lindsay on the red carpet at the Mercedes-Benz party is pretty self-explanatory.

A new self-tanner? If someone’s looking for name suggestions, we’re thinking “Connect the Freckles” has a nice ring to it.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. cool

    very sexy
    luv you linds

    haters stfu she doesn’t need you to tell her what to do .. you don’t even like her

  2. LeslieD

    Now young girls everywhere will starve themselves to emulate LL

  3. Noname

    She has the same ugly “mouth” look as Miley Cyrus. Squirrely.

  4. Patty

    How old is this girl? Very young. She’s too thin, concentration camp thin. She seems to have trouble being in the moment, she’s too nervous, substance abuse nervous. She’s talented but I remember what sports coaches have said about top level athletes, “Talent isn’t everything, dedication is what separates the wannabes from the successful.” This girl is falling apart.

  5. IndicaGirl

    Meth itchy Scratchy Syndrome….

  6. Gemma

    She looks like a boy with a long wig! How could anyone think this is sexy – Heroine chic went out with Kate Moss years ago! (Time to have some protein and carbs Linds) Unless of course she’s preparing for a holocaust survivor role… but probably not.

  7. Elizabeth

    Holy cracked out female batman. Her pupils were like tea saucers, and her awkward movements where borderline frightening.

  8. Juilletdix

    It’s Hedi Slimane – not Heidi.

  9. radgirldiana

    It’s okay to luv ll and all but really she is on plenty of go-fast drugs right now and that almost always leads somewhere bad. Rich, famous and hooked. BTW it’s heroin chic, not Heroine….

  10. Martiniman

    Watching LL in that video – it’s a cry for help, somebody needs to step in…she’s surrounded by enablers.


    dude looks like a lady

  12. Tina

    I think she is lovely – forget the shapeless figure. she can definitely clinch it if she takes a little bit more care of herself.

  13. Tina

    I think she is lovely – forget the shapeless figure. she can definitely clinch it if she takes a little bit more care of herself.

  14. me

    Dear god, could she be higher? I don’t see how she’s not going to be dead soon unless she really cleans up. Unfortunate.

  15. Sarah

    she looks gorgeoussssssssssssssssssss she’s really pretty!

  16. jamman

    we all know that Sammy is rockin’ that skinny drugged-out little body to some giant orgasms.

    a 21 year old addictive-personality is a great twat for a manipulative man-lady to control. Way to go Sam

  17. T-Bone

    This is neither attractive nor sexy. And it’s not because she’s too thin. It’s because her skin is pale white and full of freckles and he hair is completely overwhelming the rest of her body. Bad photos — all the way around.

  18. foreal?

    She looks like Iggy Pop!

  19. Sherry

    I think she’s a beautiful girl that just needs to take better care of herself. Success and fame aren’t easy to deal with. I think the pictures are gorgeous but would look better if she gained some weight, I don’t think she realizes how thin she’s gotten. Perhaps she’s trying too hard to avoid a Jessica Simpson fiasco.

  20. Nicky

    I think it’s funny how she said she doesn’t talk about her personal life. What about all the blogging she does talking always about her personal life. Funny.

  21. rudy

    S – T – R – U – N – G O – U – T with Meth itch is never a good combo. Too bad she lacks actual talent upon which she could rely if she somehow manages to pull it together. Her nominal parents should be prosecuted for the obvious child abuse that led to this.

  22. Nudgie

    I can’t believe you people are hating on this woman. Don’t you know she’s only doing this for her starring role in “Schindler’s List II – I Know Who Exterminated Me”????

    Sheesh ;)

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