Lindsay Lohan to Sing More of Other People’s Songs Real Soon


MTV News caught up with Lindsay Lohan last week, and the freckled starlet/party animal/former rehabber stated that she’s eager to get back in the studio to work on churning out a new album. Oh Lord. That’s really quite unnecessary. In any case, here’s what MTV had to say:

“We’ll start in probably June or July and take four months,” she explained. Lohan said she’s collaborating with Maverick Records CEO Guy Oseary on the disc, which will have an “urban pop” sound.

This album had better be full of diss tracks, or I’m so not going to care about it. Additionally, she also touched upon the subject of being honored as Maxim’s number one chica in their recent “Hot 100″ list.

“It’s really flattering,” she told MTV News last week, “but it does get kind of awkward.”

You mean when people stare at you incredulously and say, “Wait…you don’t mean this year’s list, right? Surely, they’re talking about you from, like, two years ago.”