Lindsay Lohan To Dad: “Stop Selling My Stuff!”

Lindsay Lohan’s war with her estranged father Michael is getting serious, with the actress sending (reportedly) a cease and desist letter to him that tells him in so many words to stop selling her personal stuff.

At the center of the legal spat is Lindsay’s private diary entries she wrote while in drug rehabilitation at Cirque Lodge in Utah, in 2007.

According to Shawn Chapman Holley, Michael’s grab for cash is “shameful” and Lindsay is “appalled” at his move. The lawyer warned that if Michael tried to sell the diary or any other of Lindsay’s personal belongings, Lindsay would exercise all her legal rights and seek damages for a “grave invasion of privacy.”

In her recent Vanity Fair interview, she did say that her father was a major source of problems.

Hell, I think her whole family is a major source of problems – mostly for the general tax-paying public. Check out the surly sinner herself spotted out having dinner with an unknown guy!