Lindsay Lohan Throws Drink in Samantha Ronson’s Face

I’ve thrown a drink in a girl’s face before, but not because I was pissed she wasn’t giving me enough attention.

Even though Lindsay Lohan was caught with a male make-out buddy, if the story from Radar Online is true she clearly isn’t over Samantha Ronson.  Here’s why I love Lindsay, though.  If this had been anyone else I would consider the story too good to be true, but Lindsay is often kind enough to make the too good BE true.

It turns out the two did not successfully avoid each other Wednesday night, as they have before.

Here’s the play-by-play:

Sam is DJing at Crown Bar. All is peaceful and bumpin’.

Lindsay shows up at 11 pm.  Set stage for drama.

Lindsay drinks straight out of a bottle of vodka and pops some Adderall, kindly offering some to a friend that was with her (what a giver!)

Lindsay tries to get Sam’s attention, but the working gal ignores her.  She is after all working.

Lindsay steps it up a notch begins to dirt-ay dance with a pretty girl in front of Sam, trying to get her attention.  Hopefully pictures to surface soon.

It works.

Sam gets “sick of it all” and taunts Lohan for being her typical drunken mess and says “Why don’t you just have another drink?” and “You’re a disgrace.”  

Lindsay flips and decides Sam is the one who needs a drink, which she promptly throws in her ex lover’s face.

Sam, who even though it would be so much cooler if she had just wiped her face down with her hand and laughed in the crazy jealous girl’s face, instead picked up some DJ equipment by her and threw it at her.  Granted I don’t know about DJ equipment so maybe there are some teeny tiny pieces, but that sounds dangerous.

Lindsay’s friend grabs her and pulls her away before someone gets seriously hurt.

Ronson turns up at another club later that night and insists on taking over the DJ booth to play a mix-tape and the club’s management asks her to step-down, things get heated, and she leaves.

Maybe a little less Wednesday night drinking, and a little more garage sale Linds?

Here’s Lohan next night leaving Madeo Restaurant in West Hollywood with some dark hair, looking a little moody, but happy to show off her new nail color. To be inside that girl’s head…