Lindsay Lohan Trips

March 16th, 2005 // 4 Comments

I’m sure she was sober. It was just an innocent trip – it can be treturous in those high heels.

According to PageSixSixSix, the trip lead her to be rushed to the hospital.

More photos after the jump.

(photos via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. That’s what happens when you have sex with everyone who’s anyone by the time you hit 20-years of age.

    It’s possible this time Lindsay faced the wrath of the Backside Attack courtesy of 50cent. Who wouldn’t fall?!

  2. nette

    Okay, can someone explain what in hell the girl on the right is wearing? I get ‘trendy’ and all, but wtf, people? It actually took away from me snickering @ lohan in a face plant for a second…

  3. Carla

    I would not be caught dead wearing the clothes that half of these celebrities actually wear!It is no longer unique, it’s trendy and horrible self styling.

  4. Chanson

    Isn’t the one on the right Samaire Armstrong from the OC?

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