Lindsay Lohan Throws Fit

November 19th, 2004 // 9 Comments

LindsaywhiteLindsay Lohan is a mess. The poor thing. During a photo shoot for Jane magazine, she’s thrown into a crying fit when Lohan got a call from her now ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama and proceeded to “scream and cry,” a source on the set said, when Wilmer Valderrama told her “he could not pick her up.” Maybe what got her all worked up, was that she was supposed to bring her more smokes.

Young hollywood obviously doesn’t know that you should always insist on having a driver.

Jane Pratt (editor of Jane) said, “We couldn’t be happier with our January cover of Lindsay Lohan. We were blown away by her professionalism.” A phrase that Defamer thinks is code for “she was a total nightmare,” due to the “over the top” wording. I bet her next boyfriend will always pick her up. She’ll make him pinky swear.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tom

    Every time I see the DVD for “The Parent Trap” I get some really creepy chills. Ugh.

  2. i still get creeped out by her orange skin.

  3. Tom

    Am I the only one wondering why Lindsay keeps saying things like “up in the club” and “back in the club” in her “Rumors” single? It’s kind of annoying and makes her sound like she’s just touting herself as being all high-falutin’ or something.

  4. Rob

    She makes Ashlee Simpson seem talented….theres nothing likable about this girl.

  5. tammy

    i think linsey lohan is a slut in her new song rumors i also think she needs to grow up and stop throwing fits and she needs to get over the fact that hilary duff is way better than her

  6. sexybabe

    lohan is better than hilary…hilary is the slut,i just dont understand why everyone likes her..why? did yall hear that she told benjji maden not to give lohans brother an autograph just cuz it was lohans brother and that brought him to tears ..and he said”wheres simple plan,their probably alot nicer”. hilary is such a snob,,,and soooooo mean…shes a slut,ahhh…and annoying.and her new album friend has it and i feel like throwing up.shes creepy looking.eww

  7. Taralyn

    omg u have got to be kinding me ashlee simpson lip sincs and hilary is a fat ugly whore lindsay lohan is way cooler so get ur facts stariht i bet you like hilary and dream about her sick hilary duff lover

  8. ashley

    can you give me you phone number

  9. kevin alexander

    i think lindsay lohan is very cute- i just looooooooooove her legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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