Lindsay Lohan Still In ‘Inferno’

Lindsay Lohan might have momentarily escaped her personal hell, but producers and directors are still tying her down as Linda Lovelace in Inferno.

“Lindsay’s mother [Dina Lohan] called the director
yesterday concerned that there was some truth to the statements. These
stories are completely unfounded and untrue: the producers have been,
and continue to be committed to Lindsay in this lead role and are
confident that there is no actress that can achieve the dramatic level
we require of this role other than Lindsay,” said producer Chris Hanley to E! Online.

Ah yes, all is possible thanks to a simple call from Dina Lohan. Wielding so much power, how come Lindsay couldn’t get a damn pillow?

Priorities, Dina. Priorities.

So, for now, Lindsay will still portray Linda Lovelace to a “dramatic level” only she could provide.

And from these pictures by Tyler Shields, it seems like she’s enjoying her little inferno.