Lindsay Lohan Rapidly Spends Samantha Ronson’s Money

As we all know, Lindsay Lohan — like many Americans — is unemployed. However, unlike most Americans, she isn’t going to let a silly lack of job problem get in the way of her rock star lifestyle and drunken sailor spend-a-thons. New house? No problem! Maserati? Absolutely? $30K rolex? Why the hell not!

According the New York Daily News, Lindsay is blowing though girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s money at an astonishing pace.

“She’s living on credit right now. She has no cash. The problem is, the
money being spent is mostly Sam’s because Lindsay doesn’t really have
any of her own at the moment; she’s really taken on the ‘man’ role in
their romance. Sam really thinks Lindsay needs to learn how to become a
recessionista and manage her money better.” 

Wow, Samatha is the “man” in their relationship. What an astute observation! And what’s a  “recessionista” and why does everything warrant some cutesy name?

“A second pal
agrees. “Lindsay’s money situation has never been great, but it’s only
gotten worse over the last month. For every dollar she makes, she
spends double. Her personal appearance fees are literally the only
thing keeping her afloat. But here’s the rub: Because of her explosive
relationship with Sam, she’s unable to get the type of cash she’s used
to. The negative press and constant appearance cancellations are
hurting her pocketbook.”

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