Lindsay Lohan And Her Awesome Rack Board A Private Plane

Lindsay Lohan’s got some rad tittays! That was gauche, but look at those bombardiers! Here’s Lohan, her nipples and her best friend forever dj Samantha Ronson boarding a private plane to the isle of Lesbos.

Ok, I actually don’t know where these two are headed. But Lindsay’s nips are definitely along for the ride. Her chickens are done!

It’s doubtful that she’s against Ronson examining her breasts for lumps in the name of sisterhood. At least that’s the current excuse. This is totally Meryl Steep and Cher in Silkwood except that neither of them has radiation poisoning and Samantha hasn’t brought Diana Scarwid as the lesbian morgue cosmetician home yet. Oh, and Lohan’s no Meryl.

Sammy better watch it. You know Lindsay’s a total clit tease. Nothing is worse than being a gay and falling for a straight. Burn in hell, Joey Fatone! I love you, call me!


10 more photos of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson at the Santa Monica airport are after the jump.

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