Lindsay Lohan Sniffles Through ‘Today’ Interview

May 8th, 2006 // 24 Comments

Someone was a little grumpy this morning.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Big Daddy


  2. jindizzle


    subtance abuse?




  3. lex

    holy hell. why is this girl famous and being cast in films? she seems like a spoiled little brat to me – ‘i work harder than most of my friends’ parents?’ – puhleaze! if by ‘work hard’ you mean ‘sniffing coke’ then, yes, lindsay, i do believe you are right.

  4. chrisase

    If the whole allergy thing isn’t smoke and mirrors, it could be allergies (horrible now in the NYC area). Not that it would explain the jitters…

  5. smroxs

    You know what? I don’t doubt that being on a movie set and learning lines and promoting a film in countless countries is hard work. But when celebs like Lindsey speak about “how hard it is to be me and how hard I work” like acting is THE MOST IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT JOB IN THE WORLD I want to throw something at them. You act. It’s not brain surgery, you aren’t influencing the economy on a global scale, you don’t decide foriegn policy. And when you consider how much you’re paid for you do and the perks… stop whining. Shut your cakehole.

  6. Lynn

    Good Lord! Can I please have some cheese with that “whine”-she is a self-absorbed,self-centered little beeeactch. Someone has been hitting the bottle and snorting the coke a little too heavily. Man she thinks highly of herself! I have no idea how she is so famous.

  7. sunshine

    the whole part where he asks her about her substance abuse, you can tell she got nervous. trying to laugh it off, notice her nose got even runnier at that moment. ahh lindsay – classic cokehead moment. i cant wait till photos come out of lindsay doing lines on the set of one of her movies or at a club. give us something!!!

  8. Sarah

    That is one boring girl! Holy crap after awhile of listening to her I was soo bored, not to mention the fact her voice is horribly annoying!

  9. d.c.

    Lind’s should have hired a helper to wipe her nose, and spray her throat, and feed her a sip of something through a straw like Mooriah..

  10. jakejustice

    i love her and don’t think she seems grumpy at all. go lohan. F you duff! :)

  11. dots

    hi. has everyone lost it? she is on meth or something. she CANNOT sit still for two seconds. i have done many drugs in my day (2 years sober… thanks) and she is MOST def on something. get that girl a tissue, shes got some drainage!

  12. wendymeyer

    she still looks stoned from like the night before, plus the sniffling…did she have a line befroe the interview ?? she can’t sit still…
    dots, i agree with you, i’ve done a lot of drugs when i was her age to, and i can assure she’s on something.
    and she really got nervous when he asked her about ”substance abuse”

  13. Maddyboy

    She’s the “hardest working person she knows”? Puleaze! She needs to walk her ass down to the homeless shelter and talk to some of those people who work down there helping people that are less fortunate and get paid nearly nothing. Or talk to single working moms with two jobs and children to raise.

    Spoiled trashy brat.

    I’m sorry…anyone who has an interview with Matt Lauer should at least take the time to brush their damn hair and dress up just a little. The woman looks like trailer trash.

  14. Lizzy

    It seems she may have a problem. I always wander about actresses who get wrapped in that – haven’t they learned anything from Whitney Houston?

  15. MissK

    I really don’t like her but her voice is husky in the interview so she may just have a cold.

  16. Passport Junkie

    I thought she came across very well and rather intelligent for someone her age.

    Sounds as though she does have a cold. But regardless, is there anyone out there who was innocent at the age of 19? Most people with millions in the bank at THAT age is bound to go a little nuts. I had 50 bucks to my name and was still getting twisted most weekends.

    She made a POINT of saying “I dont want to complain” when the guy asked her if it was difficult to be her.

    I never liked her – I do now! This interview has won me over. Thats a smart sassy young woman right there.

  17. Pikes

    Fri will be interesting, “Just my Luck” will flop and Tara Reed will be laughing at her!

  18. Small Fry

    That was quite possibly the most painful 6 minutes I have endured in my life (I’ve given birth to a child and it was less painful)!

    To agree with other posters here, the girl is definitely on something with all that jittering she’s doing. Crack is whack girl!

  19. katie

    No MissK. No cold. She always sounds like that. Classic case of cokehead.

  20. doofus

    she didn’t seem SO jittery to me…just at the beginning, she fidgeted a lot. could just be nerves…

    my issue? as someone said, if you’re interviewing with Matt Lauer on a HUGELY popular morning show, dress up a little! she looks like she just rolled out of bed and threw on her “housedress”. Leggings? with heels? and a shmata type sweater on top? oy, she SCREAMS out “long-island housewife”. (I know, I know…not all LI housewives fit the stereotype…but SHE does.)

    I also noticed that her boobs are back. more implants, or is it the healthier body weight?

    personally, I don’t think Just My Luck will WOW anybody…and probably won’t do that great. I think that Prairie is what’s going to make or break her.

  21. Mark

    I thought her interview was fine. It’s a shame that some people are going to always relate back to things said in the past. She has asthma and it’s easier for her to get a cold. I have it and my voice is froggy sounding many times like hers and the allergies this time of year are bad. Unbelievable that some of you are so one minded about her. She is a good actress and even Meryl Streep acknowledged that recently in an interview. For Meryl to say so is really a compliment. I notice most comments are from the haters. What a shame that you find it necessary to rip on her continuously. I would never take the time to comment negatively on someone who I didn’t like.

  22. Skrpune

    One thing to keep in mind about the “I work harder than my friends parents” line: who are her friends?? I’m certain that she’s not hanging with non-rich kids whose parents are working their asses off, i.e., the non-Hollywood set. I can cut her a little slack on that line because of her phrasing & because of her NOT comparing herself to the normal working person, but DUDE, what was with the look she gave Matt when he asked about substance abuse? She shot him this “that wasn’t on our list of approved topics” glare, and said that it wasn’t mentioned in the article and tried to gloss over it. Nice try, but I’m not convinced by her denials, especially with the eye shiftiness.

  23. Green Eyed Angell

    How did she sound intelligent. She’s 19! She sounded like a 7 year old that in need of ritalin.
    Honestly, she needs to be brought to an island and stranded. She in particular makes me sick.
    Can anyone tell me what part of Long Island she’s from?

  24. Cool

    This girl is such a media whore. Really how can anyone take her seriously? Of course Meryl Streep is going to praise her, she wants people to go see the movie!! If MS says LL sucks and cannot act, who would bother to pay $15/tik to go see their flick…..NO ONE!!
    In addition it is pronounced “Caan” LL, not “cans”… What a stupid piehole, at least learn how to pronounce the place where you will be going to get absolutely trashed, flop on your back for every different male star you can and do 8-balls!

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