Lindsay Lohan Shops In Spain

July 25th, 2005 // 12 Comments

First off, who’s the guy that she’s with? Second, Lindsay, please stop wearing those sunglasses. A few photos after the jump.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. glitterjar

    Is she in Spain buying coke or clothes?
    Missy Lohan,please stop wearing those huge sunglasses ,you are not Jackie O. BTW, your blue Hermes Birkin bag does not go with your outfit.Totally wrong! Should FIRE you TASELESS imcompetent stylist.This look is so tired and over.

  2. i think thats her stylist in the third picture…

    the sunglasses are cute but not on someone with a round face like lindsay’s

  3. More candy please

    Lindsay looks like Charlie from Charlie and th Chocolate Factory.

  4. I think that guy is just her bodyguard.

  5. i’d like to hire her body guard

  6. Nana

    Huh, I like the sunglass and the friend/body guard!

  7. ocean

    she’s one person that NEEDS a spray teen. she looks like an albino.

  8. grace

    quit baggin on her guys, just b/c she’s famous doesn’t give u a reason to make fun of her when u don’t even know her! she looks fine, and she’s going to die her hair back to red.

  9. grace, you idiot, thats the whole point…it makes us feel better about ourselves to make fun of the rich and famous…i could never afford her sunglasses, therefore i must make fun of them…

  10. Diego Tovar

    I support Lindsay because she is an awesome actress and she rocks the tv lol do you love it?

  11. Andres Calvillo

    Ithink lindsay lohan rocks .. i like her very much i don´t think it´s cool for you to be saying bad things about her i really would want to make a movie with her cause he rocks the only things is that im from mexico and it´s dificult for me to be wit her if you want me to make the movie with her send me an email im a great actor…

  12. Ma?a

    Hey, Lindsay!
    i’m very so much more than just the bigest fan of you. i’m from slovenia, you probably don’t know where is that country. well, it’s in europe. so, you was shoping in spain on 22th of july? i can’t belive it! i was in spain (9-23!), and if i knew’d you was there, i would just go there to see you!

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