Lindsay Lohan Rings In Her Birthday By Partying and Insulting

Lindsay Lohan, the now 23-year-old actress (Happy Birthday!), spent yesterday and today insulting, partying, and eventually apologizing.

Yesterday, Lindsay tweeted to Colette, a high-end store in Paris, that she was disappointed they were carrying Justin Timberlake’s new fashion line, William Rast. Her tweet read, “I can’t believe you are lowering yourselves to a MACY’S brand- i am speechless. Paris is chic not mid America. Gross.”

Ooo, LiLo, did you forget that your leggings are carried by Macy’s? Apparently she must of remembered  this little fact because she later tweeted an apology to Colette and JT, “i am sorry for the unnecessary comment-wasn’t meant to be a jab, i have some william rast & it’s great-was a friends words,” also “and my 6126 leggings are in Macy’s West and they’ve been great to work with.”

Lindsay then spent part of the night out partying with friends and her little brother at Bardot lounge. She even got a little teary eyed when the paparazzi san Happy Birthday for her. Aww, how sweet! After the partying, she was off to Samantha Ronson’s house. Wait, didn’t those two break-up? Again?

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan leaves Bardot with some friends and head to Samantha Ronson’s house.