Lindsay Lohan Requires High Hair Maintenance

Do I have a factoid here about products and extensions and pricey haircuts?


But how many times do you need to get your hair done in a week, Lindsay?

Lindsay went to the hair salon again, but left her hair blonde, which is good since she just bleached it on Sunday. Now it’s mermaid-ish, and cute nonetheless.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that Lindsay is going to all the hotspots and wants to look her best. But, Lindsay has been hanging out with Samantha Ronson every night.

Your friend obviously doesn’t care too much about what she looks like. Maybe you shouldn’t fret so much, Linds, and spare your mane the damaging chemical treatments. I get the feeling Sam wouldn’t kick you out of the DJ booth. Besides, you might need to save that money in case this nude movie role doesn’t pan out and Ne-Yo gives your new hit songs to Paris Hilton.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN